Rain plus paint equals mess


In April, I did my post-winter inspection of the croft to identify areas that needed maintenance and repair to have them in good condition for next winter. One of the priorities was the house windows—the paint was peeling, wood was exposed in a couple of areas and two frames were rotten. Six months later, I’m still trying to get the windows done.

The wet spring and summer wreaked havoc with the croft work and it was the same with house maintenance. If I started cutting out rot, the rain started. If I started sanding frames, the rain started. If I applied filler, the rain washed it out. If I applied undercoat, the rain washed it off. So I wasn’t surprised when, after starting to apply a gloss top coat in full sunshine this morning, it started to rain. Torrentially. The gloss paint is pocked marked. The undercoat is apparent. And the walls are stained green. Time to restart the job. Yet again.

2 Responses to “Rain plus paint equals mess”

  1. Time to break out the black builders plastic and duct tape.

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