Rugby keeps us busy

Blogging is a little slow at the moment as I’ve taken on a voluntary coaching post with our rugby club.

As well as helping our own boys get fit and learn rugby skills, I’m now doing it for an entire S1/S2 team (those are the first two years of secondary school in Scotland). Saturday mornings are taken up with training, a couple of Sundays a month are for matches and at least one evening a week is spent on coach training and workshops.

I’m also writing up and photographing drills as I produce a variety of training aids for the team.

On top of rugby, I’ll be ramping things up even further in a month when I start my next unit of study with the Open University. And I’ll still have a croft to work.

Life’s never boring here.

3 Responses to “Rugby keeps us busy”

  1. Good to hear Stoney, there is nothing like being busy to provide satisfaction and pride in one’s life.
    Besides, “busy-ness” keeps you out of trouble, doesn’t it mate?

  2. There’s always a place for you to coach the Wallabies after this season the current coach can’t have long to wait for the chop

    • Five years is a long time to wait.

      I saw a few “highlights” of the game against the Boks and was startled to see how often the Aussies were standing still when they got the ball—and how often they were still standing still when the defence hit them. One of the fundamentals I coach to our lads is “run onto the ball HARD”. It’s astonishing to see that the Wallabies appear incapable of that. The other thing that struck me about the Wallabies was that they’re unbelievably fragile and often use poor technique that increases their risk of injury.

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