First frost—and it’s still August


When I woke this morning, it was because I felt cold and not because the sun was shining in the window.

I went for a wander around the house, discovering it was just coming up to 4.30am and confirming it was chilly inside.

In the kitchen, I checked the thermometer. The temperature inside was 10ºC, outside was -2ºC.


I looked again, checked the settings and confirmed it was indeed -2ºC outside.

After turning the central heating on, I went back to bed for another hour.

When I hopped out of bed at a more decent hour I went to the back door and looked out.


The first of the year, and in August.

Coming right at the end of a wet and cool spring and summer, it doesn’t bode well for winter that the temperature is already dipping below freezing.


9 Responses to “First frost—and it’s still August”

  1. At 8am yesterday, with the sun well up, the car thermometer read 8 degrees. Not frosty yet, but still pretty chill for August on the south coast! It felt really autumnal.

  2. We had a touch of frost near Kirkmichael in Ayrshire too.

  3. Hopefully we have had our last frosts because I have all my new potatoes and seedlings planted. :0)

  4. Well folks, you are just into autumn and your first frost; we here in rural NSW are in the second day of spring and both mornings have been minus 6.5 & 5 respectively. The night of 31 Aug we had snow which quickly turned to a tremendous frost, with a lovely bright day following. Today is similar.
    Ahhh, the vagaries of weather keep us all wondering what is next.

  5. What would the temperature normally be at this time for you? We are having warm weather right now. Better than last year.

  6. Frost *Am off to hibernate* :-(

  7. What has happened to Mr Stonehead?

    • Still here, but I have a massive workload. As well as the croft work, I’m revamping the utility room (taking a block wall out), correcting a few problems with the central heating (new pipework), repairing windows, coaching an S1/2 rugby team, doing coach training and workshops, acting as Principal First Aider for the rugby club (27 injuries at last Saturday’s tournament from just under 400 players playing 6-8 games each), doing first aid training, studying a module with the Open University, writing a manuscript, keeping us fed, doing the housework (although it is a little dusty at the moment) and a few other things. I’m not one for idleness.


  1. Likely Early First Frost 2012 « How to Survive Winter - 3 September, 2012

    [...] reports that Aberdeenshire had its first frost on the morning of the 31st of August, and Markee Castle in Sligo in Ireland (already holder of the [...]

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