Animal welfare laws hit European pig farming

Another story from the Guardian about the continuing decline of pig farming, not just in the UK but right across Europe.

Consumers are being warned that the price of bacon will rise significantly next year as European producers quit the industry ahead of new laws governing animal welfare.

The predicted decline in the number of European producers comes while many of their counterparts in the UK industry, who account for 40% of all domestic bacon sales, are battling to stay in business.

Last week British pig farmers mounted a publicity drive to encourage consumers to buy British pork products. The National Pig Association warned that farmers who are responsible for as much as 10% of all British pig production will be forced to leave the industry by Christmas.

The association blamed poor crop-growing conditions, particularly in the US, for a 25% rise in the cost of pig feed ingredients, which has meant many producers are unable to turn a profit.

via Price of bacon set to soar as producers are hit by new EU animal welfare laws | Business | The Observer.

Anyone care to lecture the big commercial pig farmers on the need to be more efficient? Or about how they need to deliver the prices customers expect?

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One Response to “Animal welfare laws hit European pig farming”

  1. I note the complete lack of comments from people who ‘know what they are talking about’ in business.

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