Archive | 6 August, 2012
The Other Half gets to grips with the exposed stone wall.

Holiday? It’s over!

When the Other Half returned from her week’s holiday away with the boys, I think she half expected to find the living room refurbishment to be done and dusted. It wasn’t. There was still quite a large area of the exposed stone wall to be done so when she offered to help, guess where I […]

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A Berkshire boar snuffling in the grass and mud.

Culling our Berkshire pigs

The combination of ever rising costs and customer expectations of ever falling prices means we’ve started culling our herd of Berkshire pigs. Prices were up again when I paid the bill at the feed merchants today, necessitating a dip into our household savings and that’s unacceptable even though we have three porkers going through at […]

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