What to eat?

I’m on my own for a week as the Other Half and the boys are off on holiday. They get sun, sand and grandparents, I get a double-dose of chores as I try to get a large section of the house redecorated while also managing the livestock.

With everyone gone, I can indulge my whims when it comes to food instead of trying to work out what everyone else is in the mood for. Or not.

Today, I was wandering around the chicken houses and noticed one of the spare cockerels was looking particularly plump.

I came inside and looked in the larder, then the refrigerator: olives, tomato paste, a large courgette, onions, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and pasta.

Back outside, the front garden yielded oregano and parsley.

I checked the cockerel over again.


A couple of hours later, I sat down to a large bowl of pasta with chicken, tomato, courgette and olive sauce.

Delicious—and there was enough for another two nights. Plus a container filled with poached chicken for sandwiches and salads. Plus a container filled with chicken stock for soup.

It’s just as well I saw the cockerel before I saw the pigs…

One Response to “What to eat?”

  1. Polite Scouser Reply 31 July, 2012 at 22:59

    Well there goes a cocker doodle doo.

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