Harvey is fully fit again

I took Harvey, our Border Terrier, to the vet today to have his booster vaccinations and get him checked as it’s now a month since he came off the last of his medications for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA).

The vet was new to the practice, which gave Harvey the opportunity to do his best “collapse on the table, lift a feeble paw and look sad” look.

It didn’t work.

The vet laughed, before telling me she’s seen the same look on many an occasion as she has a Border Terrier, too. (They’re canny dogs and well aware that strangers almost always fall for the “long suffering dog” act.)

After a thorough physical, the vet said Harvey was extremely fit and very, very well muscled. She hadn’t expected to find him in such good shape given the nature of iMHA and how long he’d needed treatment.

I explained that not only is Harvey a working dog, he takes me for a 2.15 mile run three times a week and a six-miler about once a fortnight. He also takes me on the five-mile round trip to the shops at least once a week.

The vet agreed that a well-exercised Border Terrier is a happy one, further shooting down Harvey’s “I’m the most woeful dog in the world” act.

With the injections done, Harvey and I set off on the three-mile trip off. At speed. It’s good to see him back in full health after more than a year of poor health.


2 Responses to “Harvey is fully fit again”

  1. So glad to hear the wonderful news!!

  2. Glad he’s doing well. He’s looking great!

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