Suggestions sought for ebook title

Having had a number of requests for my recipes to be more accessible and/or gathered in one place, I’ve started  indexing them and begun compiling them as an ebook.

A book needs a title, so I’m looking for suggestions in the format of:

Main title


I’m after three to six words in the main title and no more than 10 in the strapline. For example:

Stonehead’s Hard Tack

Rocky recipes to break your teeth on

Except that I’m after something a little more serious that reflects the nature and style of the blog and the recipes (crofting, self sufficiency, home-grown food etc), plus my background (well-traveled Aussie), location (north-east Scotland) and the like (idiosyncratic).

Any suggestions?

14 Responses to “Suggestions sought for ebook title”

  1. A starter for 10, to get the ball rolling:

    The Aussie Crofter Cooks
    Recipes for Sustainable Food from Stonehead

    (Can later be followed by The Aussie Crofter Gardens/Raises Pigs/Keeps Chickens etc)

  2. Are you going to do more ebooks? I’m not really into the recipes, bit I’d happily pay a few quid for ebooks on keeping pigs and chickens. Fencing would be useful, too.

  3. I’m going to pop my head up and say I’m with Dave. Her Indoors might be into the recipes, but I’d be much more interested in practical, crofting type stuff. Pigs, sheep, land management, crops and the like. I’d pay, too. Especially if it was properly done and not shite. Her Indoors has a few ebooks and most are awful but good, practical ones that read like your blog, with better proofing mind, would be worth handing over the readies.

  4. I’m with them ^ Your distilled wisdom on keeping/growing/making “stuff” would be well worth buying.

  5. If you do one on the pigs and chickens including the breeds might be helpful. Otherwise I got nothing.

  6. “Crofty Cooking”
    the Down-under Musings from Stonehead’s Kitchen
    [Keep the same theme of your blog]
    Musings from Stonehead’s Kitchen;
    Then if you do more than one book – Musing from Stonehead’s Garden…..etc.

  7. Food from the Croft
    Aussie Crofter’s Tucker Recipes in Bagpipe Land

    • I like what “Dad” wrote in combination with pcpb’s suggestion. “Food of the Croft.” I can see a future children’s storybook, entitled “Dog of the Croft.” And, later, a mystery thriller called “Crook of the Croft.”

  8. From Oz to Alba
    A Modern Crofter’s Take on Traditional Recipes

  9. I think a title with “crofter” already limits the audience. It sounds like a British specific word, not a generic English word. It is not a term often used in Canada nor U.S.

    I’m just giving you a cultural angle on the use of language pitched only to a specific audience without running over to a dictionary.

  10. Great grub from the Tartan Aussie

  11. Strapline could be something like…
    Home grown,home cooked family recipes

  12. Thanks for all those. I’m working away on a few things, plus redecorating the house, plus doing assorted maintenance jobs, plus doing the crofting work. Busy, busy, busy.

  13. Croft and crofter are virtually unknown in Oz too, might limit your readers. Not sure about a title, but strapline could be something like “Recipes from a smallholding” “Country recipes with a twist”

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