‘It’s a jungle out there!’

Months of rain have prevented the cockerel pens drying out.

In normal conditions, the ground in the pens is wet or frozen in winter and early spring, dries out in late spring or early summer and can be rested, limed and reseeded ready for the following year. Not this year.

The final straw came in the past week when the pens flooded because the soil was too waterlogged to absorb any more water.

The cockerels and their flocks had to move.

As we had to cull a sow earlier this year and have less piglets than expected, we have a weaning pen spare. It’s overgrown, with plenty of cover, so we moved the oldest cockerel and his ladies out to it.

They were a little intimidated by the sheer awesomeness of their new home, but soon settled in and it wasn’t long before the cockerel found the pigs “next door”. He was not best pleased and demanded to know what “those creatures” were, letting rip with his mightiest crows accompanied by plenty of wing beats.

The pigs ignored him. He was flabbergasted. He is, after all, the Greatest Cockerel Ever.

As for the hens, they ignored both the Greatest Cockerel Ever and the pigs. They’re a lot more sensible.

One Response to “‘It’s a jungle out there!’”

  1. What a pretty cockerel. Is he a descendant of Orville ?

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