Cleaning up

We were mildly surprised to wake up to a fine, sunny day this morning. It’s not something we seen much of this summer. Or spring. So we made the most of by heading out to tidy the croft.

The Wee ‘Un was quick to claim one of his favourite jobs: scraping and sweeping muck off the hard-standing before blasting it clean with the pressure washer.

He did an excellent job although we ran of time and light to do as many of the jobs as we’d have liked. Still, it looks much more clean and tidy inside the steading, and that’s what see from the back window.

2 Responses to “Cleaning up”

  1. As an added benefit your other half now has a farmer that moonlights as a bodybuilder! Win-win! Your kids are awesome, their work ethic has to be second-to-none.

    • Bodybuilder? Hmm, no, I don’t think I’ll be basting myself with pig oil just yet. (Well, it’s either that or used sump oil.)

      As for the boys, let’s just say “sometimes”! :D

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