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A cockerel demands to know what "those creatures" are on the other side of the fence.

What to eat?

I’m on my own for a week as the Other Half and the boys are off on holiday. They get sun, sand and grandparents, I get a double-dose of chores as I try to get a large section of the house redecorated while also managing the livestock. With everyone gone, I can indulge my whims […]

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Harvey out looking for rats.

Harvey is fully fit again

I took Harvey, our Border Terrier, to the vet today to have his booster vaccinations and get him checked as it’s now a month since he came off the last of his medications for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). The vet was new to the practice, which gave Harvey the opportunity to […]

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Suggestions sought for ebook title

Having had a number of requests for my recipes to be more accessible and/or gathered in one place, I’ve started  indexing them and begun compiling them as an ebook. A book needs a title, so I’m looking for suggestions in the format of:

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Alarums and excursions

  Asleep. Light flashes on my eyelids. Start. Awake. Idling engine. Diesel. Remember I left windows open. Remember farm thefts. Our area. Past week. Late at night. I leap out of bed, vault into the jeans I’d carefully set out at the end of the bed, race through to the hall and jump into my […]

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@£#$%&# rain!

We’ve had rain and low temperatures for weeks. Yesterday was cool but dry. The temperature even made it into double figures—11ºC. The grass and hard standing dried off to some degree. This morning, the sun broke through for a time and with the hard standing dry I decided to fit a new handbrake cable to […]

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