Sea of green

Looking over the barley crop on the neighbour’s farm at sunset. The wet weather may be helping the barley—and our tatties—but it’s proving less than ideal for many other crops as they’re rotting in the ground. Such is the crofting life. Still, we do get views such as this.

8 Responses to “Sea of green”

  1. You’ve a beautiful country there. We’re also having a wet summer here in western Canada and it looks almost as green here as there. Your photo makes me wish we had a drystone wall or two around our barley fields – it’s much prettier than our normal barbed wire.

    • It’s a little too wet here. Barley and potatoes are doing well, most other crops aren’t and they’re rotting in the ground. It’s bucketing down rain at the moment and doesn’t give any sign of easing.

      • Rotting in the ground sounds unpleasant – it doesn’t often happen here. Our part of the world is more prone to drought, grasshoppers, and hail. Hail is currently our biggest worry – after several weeks of soaking rains and now a shot of heat, most people are on edge waiting for hail and storms. Best of luck with your own climate troubles.

        • Germination is very poor at the moment. Even lettuces, cool weather plants that they are, aren’t germinating. I was looking at the beds this evening, after our first sunny day for a while, and I’m going to have to re-sow many for the third time. They should be lush with plants by now, but only the indoor sown transplants are doing well. I sometimes think gardening is synonym for frustrating.

  2. Much better than any urban view Stoney. From the stone wall to the green of the crop and on to the mountains and clouds, with just a touch of orange thrown in too.

    • Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure there’s someone out there who loves looking at grimy grey walls, neon lights, crumpled drink cartons, wind-strewn newspaper, pools of puke, and a haze of blue-black diesel smoke.

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