Where’s my piglets?

We took Delilah’s litter of eight-week-old Berkshire piglets away from her today. She wasn’t best pleased, pacing up and down, calling for piglets. But to no avail. No, not because we’d moved them far away but because they were far too busy…

We moved the piglets into a pen that’s stood empty for a year. They were delighted and raced off into the long grass.

They were here…


And everywhere. Stumpy lost her most of her tail at four weeks but hasn’t missed it.

Where’s everyone gone?

Over here!


Even Delilah’s calls of “Milkbar open!” failed to get the piglets’ interest. When I went out to feed the pigs in the early evening, they were all sitting in the door of their hut waiting for the feed bucket. Delilah was still trying, in vain, to call them back and still being ignored. They were clearly ready to move on, even if she wasn’t.

7 Responses to “Where’s my piglets?”

  1. Hey!

    What sort of electric net fence is shown in the top pic? I’m looking for something like that for my new pigs!


    • It’s electric rabbit netting and comes in 50m lengths. We use it when we’ve run out of reels of braided wire. We bought it from Rappa but there are other sources. It lasts reasonably well, although strong winds causes it to fray where it rubs on the stakes. Our two oldest lengths are seven years old and needs repair, the other is five years old and still in good order. You do need a fairly powerful energiser to run the netting, though, especially with three 50m lengths. We have a 9.6 joules mains energiser, powering the permanent electric fencing, the braided wire temporary fencing, and 1-3 nets.

  2. Adrienne Wolfe Reply 18 June, 2012 at 22:45

    I was really taken by the picture of your Berkie sow. She looks very different from our Berkies here is the states. Your UK Berkie looks longer with a distinctly different head and shorter snout. Our Berkies are more square with a leaner head and longer (less up turned) snout. Just interesting to me!

    • The sow is a Mermaid, the oldest of the female Berkshire bloodlines and unimproved. There are only 20-30 of her bloodline left.

      I feel sorry for our Berkshires at the moment: the temperature keeps changing so they’ve moulted constantly since January. They grow hair, they lose it, they grow it, they lose it.

  3. I feel bad for mumma, I suspect that there are many of us human-types that feel a little the same…not wanting to let the brood go as they excitedly race into the big unknown world!

    • Delilah was fine after 24 hours. She’s back in with the other sows and has re-established herself as herd matriarch. Bossing the herd around her keeps her busy.

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