Junior forester at work

The Wee ‘Un at work removing limbs from a felled spruce tree. I’m thinning the windbreak above the vegetable patch, which brought him out kitted up and raring to go as forestry is one of his favourite jobs around the croft. Once I’d felled a tree, he’d move in with his pruning saw to tidy up the trunk, which will be left to season and used for poles, posts or firewood. (He can’t wait until he’s old enough to use the hatchet or, better still, the felling axe but in the meantime the saw will do.)

Once he’d finished limbing the trunks, the Wee ‘Un dragged the brash around to the fire pile. We burn it and spread the ash to counter the acidity of our soil, especially when growing kale and cabbage. Brash can also be spread as thick mat in the chicken area, where it provides a habitat for bugs, gives the chickens places to hide and forage, and eventually rots down to provide more nutrients for the soil. The Wee ‘Un’s reward for such a cracking job was some extra pocket money and a scone with jam and cream.

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5 Responses to “Junior forester at work”

  1. What a good little boy you are raising.I’m thinking I might send my little one over for some good, old-fashioned hard, outdoor work! ;)

  2. Well done young fellow; I could have used your help today as I was doing a similar job, cutting up and removing a very large fallen branch.

  3. Isn’t the nickname getting out of date–looks to me like he’s growing up.

    • He’s still short for his age—it’s really obvious at rugby—but he is broadening across the chest and he’s quite strong. He’s scrum half/fly half size.

  4. If The Wee ‘Un wants some practice you can both come down south and help me deal with the oak tree that collapsed last week !! It managed to miss my pigs but it did take out half a pear tree and one of my apple trees on the way down. Currently I have branches and tree trunks everywhere. I’ll get round to writing a new blog post with all the details once I get a little further with clearing the mess.

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