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Harvey at the run.

‘You’re so cruel to that poor dog!’

Harvey, our Border Terrier, and I went for our pre-lunch run today. We sped down the 400-stretch of road from the croft gate to the first bend. It always takes the dog that far to moderate his pace from “manic sprint” to “fast run”. The next 200 metres to the forestry field saw us settle […]

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The Wee 'Un moves in on a chocolate-banana smoothie.

Stonehead smoothies

The Stonehead boys are extremely active, doing a weekly round that mixes circuit training, rugby drills, swimming, mountain biking and running with crofting chores and all the other things that active youngsters get up to. The downside is they’re voracious eaters who need to be fed well and often to meet the needs of growing […]

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The neighbouring farm's barley crop at sunset.

Sea of green

Looking over the barley crop on the neighbour’s farm at sunset. The wet weather may be helping the barley—and our tatties—but it’s proving less than ideal for many other crops as they’re rotting in the ground. Such is the crofting life. Still, we do get views such as this.

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Harvey, our Border Terrier, checks a chicken run for rats.

Night patrol on the croft

Late evening. A time when vermin come out. A time when Harvey, our Border Terrier, heads out on night patrol. “No rats, boss.” “No foxes, either.” “Looks weasel free.” “A-ha! Dog treats. C’mon boss, hand ‘em over. I’ve done my bit, all’s clear. C’mon!”

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A wave of cloud blows over the crest of the Hill of Foudland.

Cloud sweeps over Hill of Foudland

As I was wandering the croft this evening, camera in hand, I noticed a wave of cloud cresting the summit of the Hill of Foudland to the north of us. I had just enough time to capture a couple of frames before the cloud rolled down the Skirts of Foudland and obscured the view.

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