Mantled with snow

As I walked through to the back door at 6am, I noticed the house felt appreciably colder than it has for the past few mornings so I wasn’t surprised when I looked out the window and saw a light dusting of snow on the ground. When I went up the hill to feed the pigs I found Delilah’s litter was already out exploring the cold white stuff. It’s their third snowfall but they continue to find it intriguing and exciting.

The older pigs were less keen on the cold weather, not so much the snow as the cold wind blasting across from the Grampian mountains. But they were quick to emerge from the depths of their warm huts when they heard the familiar rattle of the breakfast bucket.

With Delilah out having breakfast and her piglets off frolicking in the snow, the Other Half made them a fresh bed with wood shavings kindly donated by the sixth formers at her school. The students thought it a great lark to spread wood shavings in the English Department corridor, but were disappointed when the OH happily swept it into bags to bring home for the pigs. She even made a point of thanking the students for their contribution to keeping our pigs warm. Aren’t they sweet?

4 Responses to “Mantled with snow”

  1. Yes they were sweet. ;) Oh your pics make me feel so much better. It is 90 here in Alabama USA.. Think I will book them for later on this week when it gets hotter..

  2. Brrrr! You can keep the snow Stoney, even as you head into summer . We are rapidly moving towards winter here at home and we do not wish to see any of that white, cold stuff laying around. Outside it is into the minus temps (2300 hr). It is a bit cool inside but I have Towser sitting on my lap as I write and he is lovely and warm.

  3. We finally got rid of the cold weather here in Virginia. I like the pig photos :)

    • Intermittent sunshine here yesterday, albeit with a cool breeze. This morning, though, it’s overcast and cool. No snow, hail, sleet or rain, though. Yet!

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