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Gus, our Berkshire boar, relaxes after a good roll in the wallow.

A pig of a day

The sun is shining, the temperature is in the mid-20s and our Berkshire pigs need to cool off. Yes, it’s another job for Two-Legs. Once or twice a day I go out with the buckets and a watering can to replenish the wallows and give the pigs a shower. Delilah, who’s out with a litter, […]

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Harvey at work.

‘Go away, I’m busy”

Humans may enjoy pushing mowers around, lifting stones, knocking in fence posts and wrestling with sump plugs, but a Border Terrier knows the hardest work is done with eyes closed in a cool corner.

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A long day’s work

Up at 6am. Breakfasts made, lunches made. Other Half packed off to work. Boys dressed and pushed out the door for school. Pigs and chickens fed and watered. Wallows filled. Out mowing at 8.10am. Shifted to working on the drystone dyke after an hour. Back mowing at 11am.

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The Wee 'Un waters lettuce and spinach.

Good and bad in the veg patch

We’ve had another long, sunny day that’s seen me out catching up on many jobs. When the boys arrived home from school, they were roped in too with the Wee ‘Un put to work in the vegetable patch. He hoed several beds, then watered all of them.

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The first potato shoot emerges.

First potato shoot emerges

It’s late, but the first potato shoot has emerged in the vegetable patch. The cool, wet spring weather has set growth back several weeks, but three days of sunshine and warmer temperature have given the plants a kick start. Now for the rest of them.

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