Planting out starts, finally

I started planting out this morning. We appear to have seen the last of the serious snow and haven’t had a frost for a fortnight, which means there’s a good chance we won’t lose too many plants over the next month or so. Of course, we have had heavy rain and hail storms but netting should minimise any damage.

As can be seen from the cauliflowers, we’re also experiencing strong winds but the seedlings can’t stay inside any longer. They’re getting quite large and we’re running out of space in the sun porch. Today’s planting out included cauliflower, spinach and three varieties of lettuce. How are other people’s vegetable patches progressing?

9 Responses to “Planting out starts, finally”

  1. We have planted potatoes out, but nothing else yet. One of front rooms in house has shelves full of seedlings to be planted out in polytunnel and outdoor mudbaths… we have been waiting to see if there will be more severe frosts.

    • I always chance putting a few plants in while there’s still a chance of frost. We plant so much that even if the frost nips the early ones, we don’t lose much. But if we don’t get frosts then we get more fresh vegetables earlier in the season.

  2. All the potatoes are in, (most more than a month ago in the good spell we had )- as are the broad beans and shallots. Apart from that , nothing else is in the ouside beds! It is all wainting inside the polytunnel for the rain to stop and the ground to dry out a bit.

    Didn’t even get the chance to make the onion bed, so the sets are still waiting…

    Polytunnel plants mostly in though.

    It is a mudbath here, as well :-(

    • Pigeons and/or mice took all our broad bean seedlings and seeds a couple of days ago. I’ll have to re-sow them with shop-bought seed and home there’s enough time in the season for them to reach maturity. Our onion sets are waiting, too, although the garlic is growing well.

  3. potatoes, sets and shallots in , in the walled garden I’m helping to tend.
    In my allotment I’m going more over to fruit..and everything is busy flowering!! (even the rhubarb after the dry spell, but this rain should sort that out)

    • Our rhubarb is flowering, too. Even the transplanted one that I was slightly concerned about has decided it’s happy with its new location and is developing flowers.

  4. I hope to plant the Alaskan peas directly in the ground this weekend, but that’s it. Everything else I grow won’t see the night sky until the first of June. Here in Nova Scotia, we still might have snow, and definately, we’ll have frost. One wouldn’t think that with the plus 15 temps we’ve had with that tropical storm that blew through. Anything in the garden would have been flooded out anyway. And we expect more rain tonight.

    It’s good to see your seedlings in the ground. It makes me think of warm days ahead.

    • The seedlings that I’ve planted out so far have taken a hammering from the wind, rain and hail but they’re holding on. So far. They had to go out when they did because we were running out of space inside, plus many of the plants would have need to be potted on if they hadn’t gone into the ground.

  5. I wish! We’re several weeks away from warm enough weather to plant out – but I have some veggies and herbs growing in my garden room and as soon as the day arrives, I;ll be ready! We Canadian Prairie gardeners are a tough lot…Hey, it’s really cool that you’ve been blogging as long as you have. Hats off! (Or garden gloves maybe?)

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