Normal weather resumes

The house felt a little cold when I woke this morning. Not bitterly cold, but definitely colder than the 14ºC we’ve experienced over the past fortnight thanks to the warm spell that saw outside temperatures scrape above 20ºC on several occasions.

I wandered out the back door, expecting cloud and perhaps rain. Instead, I found myself looking out over snow.

Not a lot of it, to be sure, but enough to make the 2nd of April feel like mid-spring and not mid-summer.

Normal weather has resumed.

I was quite pleased. The Other Half was less pleased and retired to the snug where I was expected to delivered a roaring fire in the old iron range. And did.

By this evening, we were up to 50mm of snow (about two inches). It will be interesting to see if the cold spell lasts or if things change again.

As for the vegetable patch, we didn’t race out to plant in the warm spell so we won’t lose anything except digging time. Meanwhile, the seedlings are continuing to do well in the sunporch, which we use as a greenhouse, while we wait a few weeks more to begin planting out.

6 Responses to “Normal weather resumes”

  1. We woke up to a dusting of snow a few days ago. It is a good thing we didn’t plant early.
    We did lose a few spring flower bulbs. They had sprouted up and now they all brown.

  2. Teresa Silverthorn Reply 3 April, 2012 at 00:31

    Wow, glad you haven’t lost anything. Good thinking to wait like you did.

    All this snow “around” us on East Coast in US. I hope it doesn’t come here.

  3. On a random note, it’s sunny and almost summer-like here in Chicago, IL and some of us here feel completely cheated out of winter. Sounds like Heaven over there and much to the horror of many here enjoying the weather I am hoping for a late season, freak snow storm! ;D

  4. We’ve had a strange winter. It’s been exceptionally warm all winter. Today is the first day it’s felt like an actual Spring day… warm with a cool breeze and the threat of an afternoon shower.

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