Let sleeping pigs lie

An in-pig Berkshire sow lying on a bed of wood shavings.We brought Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, down to the farrowing pen last week. We were running late with the move thanks to my fractured wrist and were concerned Delilah would farrow outside. There was no need to worry, of course, because Delilah likes to make the most of her days before she delivers her piglets. There’s no competition for food, no competition for the best bed and no competition for ear, neck, back and belly rubs.

A Berkshire sow sits up in her bed of wood shavings.Now, the only irritation she suffers is the dangfool Two-Legs who takes a bleeping, flashing device out to the farrowing pen, wakes her from her slumbers and then doesn’t deliver any food.

4 Responses to “Let sleeping pigs lie”

  1. Apologies for the recent decline in image quality. I’m using the OH’s Coolpix that’s normally used for snaps. I can’t used the dSLR one-handed but my left hand is large enough and the Coolpix small enough that I can pinch it between thumb and middle finger while using my forefinger to operate the zoom and shutter release. It’s not too awkward at all, plus we have a mini Gorillpod for attaching the camera to sorts of objects. Better lower quality pics than none.

  2. I’m honestly amazed you’re still blogging at all…love the puzzled/mildly beligerent look on Delilah’s face!

    • She definitely didn’t appreciate being woken. As for continuing to blog, well, I have to do something and I’m gradually making the transition to one-handed typing after many years touch typing. I don’t intend becoming a one-fingered typist, though!

  3. Good to hear things are going okay Stoney.
    Give Delilah a rub for me please.

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