‘It’s supposed to be a holiday!’

Two boys using a sqeegee and broom toclean a farrowing pen.

Schools were closed for three days this week. According to the boys, this was because ‘it’s a holiday’.

I agreed: they were home to give me a holiday, especially with my fractured wrist enforcing ‘loafing’ upon me.

I sent the boys out to scrub the farrowing pen, make beds for the sow and piglets, freshen the hen’s nest boxes, and do a few other things.

They claimed it was hard work but I’m sure I heard songs and saw smiles. As well as some unsanctioned loafing.

Eventually, I let the boys come in to make me hot chocolate and pancakes with honey. They promptly helped themselves.

They’re lucky school’s back tomorrow.

8 Responses to “‘It’s supposed to be a holiday!’”

  1. Hi Stonehead good to see that your being proactive and using your injury to educate your young ones in the finer points of crofting, this is what a lot of kids lack direction in life. The kids might call you a task master but their the ones who benefit in the end. Keep up the good work Walter.

  2. Can you use a whip with your left hand?

  3. A good job well done!

  4. Well done lads! I think the best photo is the one with Harvey in the byre having a good loaf…. chuckle. Oh, wait a minute ….. but it could be the hot chocolate and pancakes too.

  5. I’ve tagged you in my latest blog post if you’d like to check it out.

  6. All those smiles shows a great sense of accomplishment with useful stuff to do!! The best education you could ever give! Hope you are feeling well despite your “break” in the work schedule! :)

  7. Well done, I think you will find that your boys thank for the experience in years to come whether they go into farming or not. I did much the same with my children. One has strayed as far from farming as possible, but still works in various parts of the business when it suits, one helps out whenever needed but is more interested in football & girls, while the other is a farmer through & through.

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