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Mowing the grass—in February. For the second time.

Mowing in February

Yes, I was out mowing the grass today and, no, it didn’t feel right. Not because I have a fractured wrist and should be ‘taking it easy’. No, it didn’t feel right because it’s February and we never mow the grass in February. Or March. And sometimes not even in April. Snow, ice and low […]

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Back to work around the croft

Taking time out to help my fractured wrist heal earned points with the consultant I saw at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary last week, but it was taking a heavy toll on the Other Half. She was doing her day job, covering about half my crofting workload, ferrying me to the hospital and back, and doing all […]

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The Big Lad, dressed as an air raid warden, blows his whistle.

Ready for Evacuation Day

The Big Lad’s P7 class is studying World War 2 at the moment, focusing on the Home Front at first. As the finale they’re having an Evacuation Day tomorrow at the local railway station where they’ll meet a train carrying children from another school. All the students will be in period costume. The Big Lad […]

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Cut red tape? Do pigs have wings?

The Guardian is among several media organisations to report that the UK Government is to cut farming red tape and reduce farm inspections. The government said on Tuesday that it would adopt dozens of measures aimed at cutting “red tape” for farmers as part of efforts to reduce regulation of business. The move would see […]

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Fractured wrist remains stable

The Other Half took the morning off work today to drive me into town for  my weekly visit to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to have my fractured wrist checked. I saw a professor of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal science, who’s also a trauma specialist. He said it was one of the worst wrist fractures he’d seen […]

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