Archive | 30 January, 2012
A view over the Grampian as the last of the daylight fades.

Day’s end

Not one of my better images, thanks to poor light, no tripod and a high ISO, but I wanted to show the day’s end from the top of our hill. I fed the pigs, locked the chickens up and was taking Harvey, our Border Terrier, out for a quick session of ‘find the rabbits’ when […]

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A single Westphalian kale plant in the the vegetable patch.

Growing kale

Crofters have long depended on kale, as well as its brassicae cousins cabbage and neeps (turnips), as it thrives in the Scottish conditions. Ann Dean, in Foudland Slate Quarriers and Crofters refers to the slate crofters who once worked the hills just up from us as living largely on a brose of oatmeal and greens, […]

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