We thought the water was clear

A water pre-filter showing the amount of gunge collected in a week.

In the past, when we turned on the kitchen tap, clear water flowed out. When we ran water into a white bath, it looked clear. When we checked our hilltop header tank, we could see the bottom because the water was clear.

Except it wasn’t. It was full of gunge.

Two weeks after our new water filtration system was fitted, the foam pre-filter cartridge has gone from white to pale tan to grungy brown. It also has ‘bits’ floating inside its casing.

I did wonder if we had a problem outside so I checked the water coming out the borehole pump. It looked clear. I checked the water in the header tank again. It look clear. I checked the water flowing into the trough halfway down the hill. It looked clear.

I even took the filter casing off and checking the water coming from the supply side. It looked clear.

No, the sad truth is we’ve been drinking, washing and laundering with grungy water for years. No wonder we’re all a bit peculiar.

3 Responses to “We thought the water was clear”

  1. I found last summer we got green slime appearing on the inside of the filter housing. However, this didnt occur again after i built an insulated cabinet around the filter system and pipework. blocking off the light stopped the algae growing. We have a UV sterilizer in the pipework after the filters.

  2. Well if you’re all peculiar perhaps more of us ought to be drinking that water!

  3. its probably a 5 micron filter which is seriously tiny

    You should see the gunge that gets caught in a PH buffer

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