Archive | 17 January, 2012

No water. Again!

The Other Half was filling the sink to wash the dishes this evening when the water ran out. I checked the loft header tank. It was empty. The main header tank on the hill was half full—about 7,000 litres of water. I checked the flow at the stop cock where the water enters the house. […]

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A plate of pasta with slices of fennel sausage, topped with a tomato and olive sauce.

Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and sausage

Tonight, we had pasta with tomatoes, olives and fennel sausages for tea. The fennel sausages, made yesterday, were poached for 25 minutes, then skinned and sliced. The sauce was made with a diced onion, minced garlic, pasata, a tub of garlic olives we found on special in the supermarket, dried basil and minced parsely. Simple […]

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