Honey in a pot of bother

I wonder how this judgement is going to be enforced?

The European Union’s highest court on Tuesday ruled that honey which contains trace amounts of pollen from genetically modified (GM) corn must be labelled as GM produce and undergo full safety authorisation before it can be sold as food.

Bavarian beekeepers, some 500m from a test field for a modified maize crop developed by Monsanto – one of only two GM crops authorised as safe to be cultivated in Europe – claimed their honey had been “contaminated” by pollen from the plant.

viaEU bans GM-contaminated honey from general sale | Environment | guardian.co.uk.

Is all honey going to be tested for GM residue? Or only honey from the largest producers? Or only honey from hives near GM crops? How near is near? (When we had bees they’d travel two miles or more to the nearest oilseed rape crops.)

It’s even more complicated when it’s born in mind that:

“The Monsanto maize is genetically modified to produce the BT protein. But this same protein actually has been regularly used for years as a spray even by organic farmers,” he added.

BT protein sprayed on crops—good.

BT protein engineered into crops—bad.

Now spot which is which in a batch of honey.

I guess that’s what happens when moral absolutism, scientific hubris, free-market economics and the legal system intermingle. We get a recipe for a perfect muddle.

2 Responses to “Honey in a pot of bother”

  1. Monsanto must of put some money in someone pocket to allow GM corn! They own the politicians in the US. Monsanto is despicable in my humble opinion!

  2. Certainly a ” sticky” situation; but big money seems to always win out regardless of the subject matter.

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