Food that never rots?

Another day and another quick fix is put before us.

This time, we’re told a substance called bisin may be the solution to food poisoning and the waste mountain.

According to the Telegraph, bisin’s ability to kill the bacteria that trigger decomposition in fresh proteins may mean that food processors will be able to create meat, dairy, egg and fish products that don’t deteriorate with time.

I’m sceptical.

Bisin: Is this the food industry’s Holy Grail?

I know some people buy their Christmas presents in July, but soon they will be able to buy their turkey in the height of summer too. And keep it fresh until December – and possibly beyond.

via Bisin: Is this the food industry’s Holy Grail? – Telegraph.

3 Responses to “Food that never rots?”

  1. but what does it do to those who eat the food?

  2. I think a good piece of advice is to avoid eating any food that won’t go bad.

    I keep reading all these great scientific ideas around food (the most recent one was PETA claiming that we’d soon be growing meat in vats, and wouldn’t need to kill animals anymore!) and wondering who the hell thought that research was worthwhile.

    If we were a bit more sensible about the whole thing, we’d realise that we’re only trying all these crazy things to deal with a broken system. Fix the food system by reducing scale and re-localising, and the problems go away.

    I think this was your point in that previous post about animal cruelty in abattoirs, too.

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