Berkshire weaners for sale

We have five birth-notified Berkshire weaners for sale.

The weaners will be 10 weeks old on Wednesday, 17 August. They were weaned at eight weeks, in line with the commercial organic standard of 56 days, will be wormed a week later and will have been entirely on solid feed for a fortnight when sold.

There are two gilts and three boars available for £60 each (equivalent to £6 per week of age). They will be available for collection from 17 August onwards, although the weekend of 20/21 August would be best.

One of the gilts, Lop-Ear, is smaller than the others as her growth was checked after she was stepped on by the sow and seriously injured. She’s now fully recovered and catching up fast with her siblings.

All our pigs are electric fence trained.

They’re available at short notice after orders fell through.

Please use the contact form if you’re interested in buying pork or would like more information. Note that a non-refundable £20 deposit is required when ordering pigs and payment must be made in full before or on collection.

15 Responses to “Berkshire weaners for sale”

  1. hope you have good sales
    they are good looking beasts :-)

    • And mischievous ones, too. This litter is proving to be the most destructive we’ve had. I suspect they’ve seen a bulldozer in action and adopted it as a role model.

  2. If only I had the space….

    Mind you, if I owned pigs it would be slightly ironic….

    • Oh, I don’t know. You could rip up the SMT carpark, put in a pen of pigs and write them up as a “community-based youth engagement outreach project”. Either that, or say they’re the new drug squad sniffer pigs…

  3. We continue to have weaners for sale. We need to get them gone as we have bills to pay and I’d rather not buy in extra feed/straw when we didn’t expect to have to keep them on.

  4. One boar appears to be sold, leaving us with a pair of gilts and pair of boars. Ideally, we’d prefer to see the gilts sold so we can fatten the boars.

    • We still have the pair of gilts available for sale. As they’re now well past 10 weeks, the price is £60 plus £4 per week of age above 10 weeks. (Bear in mind that a weaner eats an average of 1.6kg of food a day from 10 to 18 weeks and 1.8kg from then on. At £307 a tonne, that’s £3.44 a week to 18 weeks and £3.86 a week after that. Bedding also has to be paid for, plus all other costs incurred.)

      • Hi

        Mailed you the other day. Don’t want to hassle but are the 2 gilts still for sale?


      • What a rip-off!! I can get 6 weeks weaner crosses for £35 up this way and even that’s having it on a bit. This “rare breed bandwagon” is nothing more than a con for the gullible. Pigs is pigs and anything over £25-30 each for weaners is expensive. Home-grown pork shouldn’t cost anyone more than a couple of quid a kilo. If it costs more than the supermarket, there’s no point.

        • Do you have the faintest idea how much it costs to produce weaners? Or are you just another of these armchair experts who “knows” the price of everything?

          Yes, there are numpties who don’t properly price their pigs and subsidise the price from other sources of income. Yes, there are pig breeders who wean earlier than us, sometimes much earlier. Yes, there are people who cut corners, neglect their pigs, and sell weaners that are underweight, have worms and/or mange or are just poor performers. Not surprisingly, all of these people can supply weaners that are cheaper than ours.

          If all that matters is a very cheap price, then go and buy those pigs. But don’t expect us to drop the price of good quality, well managed pigs to match the price of dross.

          Now go and troll someone else.

  5. Hi

    Sent you a mail about the availability of the two guilts. Great site by the way….

  6. If what costs more than the supermarket Mark? I wasn’t aware that the supermarkets were selling high quality, low intensity, out-door reared, locally sourced, pedigree pork.

    What car do you drive Mark? See, I wouldn’t bother driving anything that cost you more than £250. Cars are cars, after all. Anything more than that and you’re just being taken to the cleaners mate.

  7. Read your post on Country Smallholding forum and then saw this. Weaners shouldn\’t cost more than £30. Pigs—and chickens—provide cheap meat that can be knocked out fast. They\’re not seasonal like lamb. They\’re not taking 2-3 years like beef. I wouldn\’t spend more than £4-5kg on pork and aim to get below that wehn finishing porkers myself. Theres no need for fancy fences and arcs that cost a bomb. Same with feed. Cheap and cheeful is just as good as the flash feeds aimed at stupid urban farmer wannabes. Buy at 6 weeks, kill at 20-22 weeks. Keep the sows turning out litters every 160 days or so to get 2.25 litters a year. Thats what customers want and its your job to deliver that. If you don\’t like it, do something else like getting a proper job. End of.

    • You’ve missed the point and appear to be making incorrect assumptions about what we are doing. You are free to knock out whatever you chose at whatever speed you wish. You are not, however, qualified to tell us what our ‘job’ is and what pigs ‘should’ cost. Of course customers will pay tuppence ha’penny if that’s all that’s charged. I wouldn’t pay £30 for cheaply fed, inadequately fenced and housed, 6 week old weaners of indeterminate parentage nor would I pay £4-5 per kg for the pork produced from such livestock. If cheapness is your primary goal then there are many ‘farms’ and ‘farmers’ doing a better job of it than you appear to be. We are more concerned with quality so please don’t judge us by your scant standards.

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