Archive | 14 March, 2011
The Telegraph reports that consumers believe pigs have wings.

Consumers do think pigs have wings

People often express surprise when I blog about the attitudes, beliefs and fondly held notions held by many potential customers for our Berkshire pigs and pork. After all, they say, customers can’t be that ignorant or naive, can they? Well, the Daily Telegraph today reports on a survey done for the Meat Trades Journal, to coincide […]

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The Big Lad’s take on homework

The Big Lad’s weekly homework includes a list of words that he has to write out half a dozen times before using them in sentences. His most recent list included “portable” and “primrose”. His sentences?

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A pig lies dead, suffocated under Delilah's bags.

Freedom for sow can be death for piglets

Delilah, the Berkshire sow that farrowed yesterday, has just crushed one of her five remaining piglets. Her litter is now to down to four from 13. All five were alive and suckling at 0810. Thirty minutes later and I noticed Delilah had shifted slightly, spilling her bags over one of the piglets and asphyxiating it […]

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