Industrial farming squeezes family farms

BBC Radio 4 had an interesting segment on Farming Today about how the pressures for cost efficiencies, economies of scale and industrialisation are accelerating the decline of family farming.

One family farm they visited is still holding up but the future doesn’t look good for small-scale, local, family farms.

Farming Today

(NOTE: May not be accessible outside the UK and only available for five days after broadcast.)

2 Responses to “Industrial farming squeezes family farms”

  1. We are, as you probably know, much further down this path in the U.S.

    It’s disturbing on many levels. First of all of course is the effect on family farmers themselves and on those of us who have friends or relations in those enterprises. Then the dominance of large industrial farms inevitably, I think, affects both the economic and the social structure of rural communities and has ecological consequences as well (the disappearance of hedgerow and fencerow species, the necessity for large tracts of monoculture crops to be supported by pesticides and herbicides, the pressure on farmers to adopt genetically modified strains, for a few examples). And then there is the question that I never seem to see discussed anywhere: do we really want something so basic as our food supply to come under the control of a few corporations?

    • I don’t think the average person gives a damn who controls their food supply so long as food is cheap and plentiful. Oh, and so long as they can have their favourite things on demand. The bulk of the Western society appears, to me at least, to be extremely infantilised.

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