Beware the Toxic Gloves of Doom!

I’d just finished feeding the porkers and was walking down the hill when I noticed a car abruptly slow on the main road then cruise slowly to our bottom gate and stop.

At it was very dark, I couldn’t see the car aside from its lights and assumed it must be somebody I knew.

It wasn’t.

The driver wound down the window and leaned over to me.

“You all right? I saw some weird glowing things in your field as I came around the bend.”

Weird glowing things?

I was more than a little puzzled until I looked down and my head torch lit up my gloves.


Instant weird glowing things.

I laughed and showed the driver my gloves, then told him Sunday’s story about them being the only pair remaining in the shop.

He also laughed and drove off.

When I finished the chores, I came in to get the camera. I wanted to see if I could capture the full Toxic Gloves of Doom look.

All it took was just two of the eight LEDs on my head torch. No flash. No outside lights. No car lights.

Just a very weak light shining and PING, the weird glowing things had returned.

I thought the women in the shop were laughing because I’d had to buy a pair of yellow gloves favoured by horse riders of the female persuasion.

I now suspect they were laughing because they knew there was more to the gloves than was obvious. And I clearly didn’t!

9 Responses to “Beware the Toxic Gloves of Doom!”

  1. mummys little angel Reply 22 February, 2011 at 19:23

    Ha, ha, ha

    That must have been some sight

  2. Fabulous thought! They’ve got to be worth buying just for the laughs!

  3. Can you imagine what the poor bloke must have been thinking as he drove along the road? He probably thought it was aliens or something LOL

    • Imagine how bright the gloves must have been when lit up by high-beam headlights. I didn’t notice as I had buckets in my hands and was more interested in where I was walking than in what I was holding.

  4. Lovely story! How is Harvey doing, by the way?

  5. The title of this post really grabbed me. I came across your blog after reading your comment on “The Daily Post.” Love the gloves, love the picture, I’m sure I’ll be back.

  6. Excellent! You could direct aircraft with them!

  7. Imagine what the animals were thinking when they saw you moving about.

    I wonder if they sell them in Canada. My son would love them.

    • They’re US-made Sealskinz, so I’d imagine you’d be able to get them. I don’t know their exact name as they were sold loose, with no packaging. They’re quite warm and are genuinely waterproof, which means I can stick my hands in near frozen water to fish lumps of ice and crud out. They’re good for fine work, such as operating the controls of my DSLR, and they grip slippery wooden handles quite well.

      However, they’re not as robust or protective as the fleece-lined leather gloves I normally wear. I certainly wouldn’t want to handle wire, rough timber or sharped-edged steel with them. As they’re waterproof, I suspect that doing a lot of sustained hard work could well result in sweaty glove syndrome and even to trench hand. Basically, the gloves will fill with sweat and your hands will be immersed in it. I’ve had this happen a couple of times with other waterproof gloves and it leads to skin peeling off. They’re okay in sub-freezing weather though, particularly if you sprinkle talcum powder on your hands before gloving up.

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