‘The wolf’s not around, then?’

As I was photographing the sunset, or rather the lack of one, a lone ewe wandered up the hill towards me. She stopped, looked around carefully, and then bleated a cautious baa. “The wolf’s not around, then?” Another careful look around, then a hard stare at me and another baa. “You’re sure? No wolf?”.

I checked. Harvey, our Border Terrier, was far down the hill with the pigs. You’re all right, I assured the ewe. She baa-ed. “Okay, I’ll just settle here then and enjoy the view.” Another baa. “Just tell me if the wolf comes.” I agreed and we enjoyed the lack of a sunset together.

4 Responses to “‘The wolf’s not around, then?’”

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us all :)

  2. “Enjoyed the lack of a sunset.” Thank you for painting a wonderful word picture to remind me of my favorite place on earth. I went to college in Dundee for a while and relished seeing the sun go down **after** getting out of classes come February, even if it was a nothing sunset.

  3. I loved how she’s sitting cozily but with a wary look backwards .. just in case.

    nice! MJ

  4. Great shot. Love the look on her face!

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