Archive | 8 February, 2011
'No wolves about?'

‘The wolf’s not around, then?’

As I was photographing the sunset, or rather the lack of one, a lone ewe wandered up the hill towards me. She stopped, looked around carefully, and then bleated a cautious baa. “The wolf’s not around, then?” Another careful look around, then a hard stare at me and another baa. “You’re sure? No wolf?”.

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Velvet feathermoss growing on the steading wall

Mosses add a touch of green

Yesterday, I was adamant that winter is still upon us and I’m not yet seeing any signs of spring. Does that make the croft a bleak and depressing place in winter then, as a reader asked by email. Not at all. It just means setting aside the big picture and focusing in on the small, […]

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