Archive | 7 February, 2011
A layer of frozen bubbles covered the hard standing

You know it’s cold when bubbles freeze

After mucking out Delilah’s farrowing pen, I hosed, scrubbed and disinfected the passageway through the byre. As usual, there was a lot of froth and bubbles, which was all washed out the door onto the hard standing. What wasn’t usual was the sight that greeted me when I walked outside: the hard standing was covered […]

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Doris waits, impatiently, for me to get on with mucking our her pen

Mucking out Delilah

With Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, inside for farrowing, I get another chore to add to my list. Her pen has to be mucked out, fresh wood shavings put down to mop up moisture, and fresh straw added to her bedding. I do roughly half the pen at a time, forking and shovelling muck, […]

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Unexpected boost for trees and seeds

As I was checking the spam filters, recovering stray but legitimate emails, I almost skipped past one with the heading “Notification of Payment Received”. The email had the usual “too good to be true” ring about it and I wasn’t expecting any payments, so I was about to reflexively hit delete without opening it but then […]

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Tell me that's not snow!

Some people tell me it’s spring…

Since mid-January I’ve had a string of people telling me we’re now in spring. The temperature has been above freezing most days, there’s been no snow to speak of and there hasn’t been much rain. The bus driver thinks it’s spring. The girls in the shop think it’s spring. People I meet on the street […]

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