Archive | 2 February, 2011
Mist, rain and cloud—the normal outlook from the croft

’Twas a dreich day ootside…

If you’ve seen the recent photographs of sunrises, sunsets or snow, you could be forgiven for thinking that’s our normal outlook from the croft. If you’ve been reading for a while or gone through the archives, you might think we even have regular spells of sunshine. None of those assumptions are correct. The normal outlook […]

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"So, I was talking to a hen the other day..."

Conversations between pigs

“So, Doris, I was talking to a hen just the other day and she reckoned we should get rid of Two-legs. She said we should go it alone. “I asked how we’d manage to keep all the goodies coming in and she said we could open a restaurant. “Oh yeah, I said. And what would […]

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