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Chocolate butterfly cakes with cream and raspberries

Time for tea

The Other Half invited a few friends around for afternoon tea today. It was an excellent excuse for the boys and I to spend some time in the kitchen to come up with a few treats for the ladies…

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Cucumber pickle

The Scottish weather isn’t conducive to growing cucumbers outdoors but we still manage to get a good crop by growing plants in pairs in large pots in the sunporch. We’ve picked a few for immediate eating but today found ourselves with a little more than two pounds worth ready for picking. With still more fruit […]

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Stonehead’s ‘fruit bomb’ muffins

I’ve been doing some experimentation in the kitchen as I work out what to make for the Other Half’s afternoon tea on Wednesday. One of the more outstanding concoctions I came up with was a batch of what the boys dubbed “fruit bomb” muffins.

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Time to come inside

When we went out to check the pigs this afternoon, Doris was waiting at the gate to her pen and was quick to indicate she’d decided it was time to move to the farrowing pen. She pushed at the gate, grunted loudly, looked at me and then down the track, and then grunted again. The […]

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‘More rubs, Mrs Two-Legs!’

Doris, one of our Berkshire sows, was feeling out of sorts this afternoon. She’s heavily in-pig, had confined herself to her hut despite it being a warm day, her body temperature was a little high and she was lethargic. I suspected she was hot because she hadn’t come out for fresh air and a roll […]

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