Snow fairy flutters by

When I woke this morning and looked outside I discovered the snow fairy had fluttered by overnight, leaving a light dusting of snow on every surface.

She’d also dropped the temperature down to 0.5C (32.9F).

With a stiff breeze blowing it was decidedly bracing out, as Harvey and I found when we went rabbiting and ratting just after 6am.

If we’d been up and about half an hour later, we’d never have known as the sun was out and quickly melted the snow.

It remains chilly, though.

7 Responses to “Snow fairy flutters by”

  1. We had snow on Friday

  2. I was tempted to plant out the lettuce seedlings at the weekend, but didn’t. It was a good decision as snow and hail has lashed us hard for most of the morning.

  3. Are you in shorts yet?

    • Short-sleeved shirt yesterday morning. Well, it did hit 7C and the sun was shining. But then the wind came up, the clouds covered the sun and it started raining, so back to a sweater and jacket. As for today, I’ve had to run for cover several times as we’ve had hail showers several times.

  4. With a day-time expected max temp of 10C, we’re not wearing shorts in Edinburgh either. It needs to be a lot warmer than that for me to bare my skinny wee legs. Oddly, everything is growing merrily, regardless of the low temp.

  5. We are at last starting to feel “wintery” as autumn draws to a close Down Under.This morning it was below zero with a good frost and a cool to cold wind blew most of the day in our district west of the famous Blue Mountains.

  6. Mark Robertson Reply 17 May, 2010 at 18:53

    When I get a smallholding it will not be in Aberdeenshire, the place is way too cold. I shall go for somewhere tropical by comparison, maybe the Mull of Galloway.

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