Another stuff up with Abbey

Our contact in Abbey’s Executive Complaints Department phoned yesterday to say she hoped our troubles with our blocked bank account were sorted.

She said a new current account had been set up, new cards had been put in the post, our direct debits are in the process of being moved from the old account to the new one, and we have a free overdraft of £2000 to see us through the next month.

Despite the positive tone of the phone call, I used Twitter to comment that “now we just have to wait and see if Abbey can actually do as it says. It hasn’t so far.”

I was prescient.

I was back on the phone to Abbey this morning as we have the first of our new debit cards for the current account.

The Other Half was pleased to have her new card at last, but when I looked over her shoulder at the accompanying letter I immediately spotted something was wrong.

The account number given was that of the old account. The account that’s been blocked for more than a month now and is due to be closed.

I pointed the error out to the OH. Her reply was unprintable.

When I spoke to our contact at Abbey, she was a little confused at first as to what the problem was.

After all, the new account was set up at the end of last week, new cards were sent out, and we now had the first of them.

I explained again that the account number was incorrect, and there was a sharp inhalation of breath as she grasped my point.

Our contact told me that we weren’t to use the card. She promised to investigate to see what had happened and ensure new cards were sent out that accessed the new account.

Rather tellingly, she’d told me yesterday that she found investigating our complaint to be “eye-opening”. I suspect the process is still going on!

19 Responses to “Another stuff up with Abbey”

  1. mummys little angel Reply 8 September, 2009 at 12:17

    Jeeze….that £50 compensation is not enough to cover Abbey’s cock ups and in fact an insult!

  2. And now the RAC can’t collect money from Abbey—even though the direct debits were supposed to still be working.

  3. at least you now have someone in Abbey who is seeing things from your standpoint and is as shocked by the trail of problems as any normal person. Hopefully they will now own the problem for you.

    BTW given the level of embarrassment you have experienced as a result of the incompetence I would estimate that a realistic level of compensation would be in the order of £250 (speaking as an ex bank person here, for one of the more competent banks I would add and not one that took ££ from the taxpayer!)

  4. mummys little angel Reply 8 September, 2009 at 16:28

    Angela, easily that and £50 per day it carries on!

    I take you have told Abbey you are levying a hefty interest charge on the money they have of yours, plus admin and service charges?

  5. Hey Stoney l get the newsletter from Martin Lewis, it has a lot of good ideas in but this was in today’s and as the saying go’s it made me think of you and your abbey problems:

  6. A journalist from the Guardian has been in touch to say that Abbey’s press department claims the problem has been resolved and we’ve been compensated. They also imply they’ve been entirely reasonable throughout because these things take time

    Yeah, right!

    We do not have details of our new account. We have not received new cards. We have been offered £50 to cover costs incurred so far. Abbey has not not been reasonable throughout. And if other banks can get situations like this resolved in less than a week, why can’t Abbey?

    No, I am not impressed.

    • mummys little angel Reply 10 September, 2009 at 11:07

      So now you have a witnessed to a blatant lie!

      I do hope the Guardian are taking this up and running with it.

      Have you consulted a solicitor regarding the theft of your money?

  7. Now PayPal has been in touch to ask why our payments have not gone through. The OH has already had to explain our situation to the RAC, after a payment to them failed to go through, and to our other credit card provider, which we managed to pay but late. I’ve had to explain the situation to our vet, the feed merchant, and various other businesses.

    I’m getting tired of spending a couple of hours a day on the phone, writing letters, writing emails, and generally keeping everyone up to date while also pushing Abbey constantly. I do have other things to do.

    • mummys little angel Reply 10 September, 2009 at 11:56

      and Paypal are not always that accommodating!

      Time to consult a solicitor me thinks…Abbey are causing you and your family severe financial hardship and have stolen your money. You are now at risk of not only loosing your good credit record but your house. Your young children are at risk of loosing a roof over their head and their bellies and being at severe hardship risk through not fault of your own. You will probably be told a letter will go off giving them 7 day to rectify the situation before legal action is taken, but that may be enough.

  8. mummys little angel Reply 10 September, 2009 at 12:02

    Ask for an appointment with their solicitors..

  9. Electronic control of all our banking…… what a mess Stoney! Banking is a real conumdrum to the average person today.

    It just shows how easily that our finances could be cut off at any time by those with the power/authority. I think that is frightening.

    Best of luck mate.

  10. mummys little angel Reply 10 September, 2009 at 15:43

    There you go send in the baliff!

  11. I’ve had problems with Abbey (credit card department). I got £100 as a ‘goodwill payment’ with very little aggro (and then promptly closed my account in protest!). The offer they have made to you is a total insult.

    If you consider what they’d charge as a default sum (probably £12) and apply it every time they’ve messed up even a little bit, or made inconvenience/contact necessary for you (which they would to you), you’d be at an amount very much larger than £50 by now I think. That is always *my* basis for negotiation in these situations.

    I’d suggest you then consider moving your banking to first direct (provided you don’t need a big overdraft – in which case, you may have less choice).

    I had a minor problem with a late payment made recently and they offered me £30 for inconvenience without me even asking. I have been banking with them for 20 years and I have never been left dissatisfied when I have complained. They listen, they take responsibility, and they do what they say. 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. They are truly the only corporate institution in this country who I could wholeheartedly recommend (and I do not suffer customer dis-service gladly – indeed, I don’t suffer it at all: one unresolved complaint and my business is moved elsewhere).

    Although there aren’t many HSBC branches (their parent company) in Scotland, you can pay cheques in by post (free 1st class postage envelopes supplied), and use many other banks’ cashpoints free. Other than paying in cheques one never has to visit their branches anyway as the online and telephone banking services are so good.

    I think they’re giving you £100 to open an account too…

    Although you do need to pay in £1500 per month to get free banking, you can get round this by opening another product with them and play the system (eg savings account – and put £1 in it).

    Good luck!

  12. I recommend the Nationwide…provided there’s a branch near enough to you…

  13. Shabby-National,
    the missus went overdrawn with (Sh)Abbey by £1 then a further £3, the £3 was a cheque she’d forgotten about written to a charity, they charged her £30 for both events, £60 total, they had recently refused to let her have a cash card, but gave her a check book, despite her being a customer for a year or more, if they had just made with the cash card she’d have not needed to write and keep track of cheques all the time, they spoke to her like she was an idiot and tried to get her to jump through hoops and take out loans and overdrafts to “prove” she was responsible enough to have a card. . .swapped to HSBC and got all singing all dancing account within three months, Shabby were also rude to her when she closed the account and did something to make life difficult (can’t remember what).
    Beware alliance and leicester (“lies and festers”) too, my gran has them, they frequently fail to be reasonable, and what they say is your account number isn’t it’s a combination of account number and part of the sort-code, but they still call this combo “account number” which leads to cockups the first time you take them at their word, not serious I know but it sort of speaks volumes about their sense of logic.

    Good luck with the finance-swine.

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