Planting out herbs

The Wee 'Un digs a hole for a rosemary plant

When the Wee ‘Un came home from school today he rocketed inside to get changed because it was time to plant out the herbs. He loves taking the plants we’ve grown from seed and planting them out in the garden. We’d prepared this half of the herb garden over the past week, as the weather permitted, so the Wee ‘Un was able to go straight to work.

Planting rosemary in the herb garden

We have two large, square herb beds at the front of the house as the south-facing position ensures the plant get plenty of light while the stone walls of the house release warmth during the night. The result is a warm, sheltered location where even tender plants can be overwintered with a good chance of survival. Today, we planted out oregano, sweet marjoram, chives, sage, rosemary and mint. The rear part of this bed will be used for the boy’s sunflowers. The adjoining herb bed has more of the same, plus fennel, spearmint, parsley, thyme and horseradish. The horseradish, mint and spearmint are grown in containers sunk into the soil to stop them taking over the beds.

3 Responses to “Planting out herbs”

  1. Looks like the beginning of a very healty herb garden again. Doing a good job, Wee’un, and still wearing your Paws cap, I see.

  2. Keep an eye on the mint. Even though sunken in pots, it also spreads by runners. Mint is my favorite of all the herbs, because of it’s determination to take over the herb garden.

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