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Better than the original

This was the scene last November when a car skidded on black ice on a bend next to the croft, spun and hit the drystone dyke that extends between the house and the outbuildings. The dyke dates to the 1950s, but parts of it were almost certainly reclaimed from earlier walls and features as it […]

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Boys at work

When I’d finished planting peas and the OH had finished weeding the broadbeans, we all moved to the front garden so the boys could plant their sunflower seeds. Each of them has two rows to plant and care for, with the Wee ‘Un choosing Elite as his variety while the Big Lad went for Little […]

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Planting peas

I had been wondering if I was ever going to get the first peas in, thanks to the combination of poor weather and priority jobs that keep appearing out of nowhere. Today, though, the sun finally came out and the awkward jobs were shuffled to one side—well, mostly. So, after mowing the grass between the […]

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Planting out herbs

When the Wee ‘Un came home from school today he rocketed inside to get changed because it was time to plant out the herbs. He loves taking the plants we’ve grown from seed and planting them out in the garden. We’d prepared this half of the herb garden over the past week, as the weather […]

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A good litter despite the problems

Delilah with her 11 surviving piglets just after the second afterbirth was delivered. She was completely exhausted as the problems with the final piglet pushed her to the limit. (See my earlier post for details.) After a few hours, I cooked her up a porridge of potatoes and barley to give her blood sugar a […]

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