I love insurance companies

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that our insurer had problems with covering our Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 Dual-Cab as it supposedly did not have an “approved security device”.

We would not be covered for theft of the car until the insurer received proof that we’d had an approved device fitted. (Of course, they charged us the full premium even though we did not have full cover.)

We sent the insurer a letter from a mechanic, plus pages from the handbook, showing that the Defender not only has a factory-fitted immobiliser but we’ve had the factory-fitted alarm activated as well.

Today, we received a letter from the insurer stating that they now accepted that the Defender has an approved security device.

Excellent, I thought, until I opened a second letter.

This letter was also from the insurer and stated that “following from your recent communication” a further premium of £57 was now due.


We show that we have a suitable device, we get the theft part of the comprehensive cover restored as per the original quotation, and now we’re charged even more because we have have the device fitted.

Oh yes, I love insurance companies.

I also love the insurer that hasn’t sorted out repairs to our cottage more than a year after it was seriously damaged by a car.

And I love the insurer that hasn’t yet sent the claim form for the oil that was stolen.

And  I love the insurer that never paid for the fence that was ripped out when a car drove through it.

Can’t you feel the love boiling off the screen…

6 Responses to “I love insurance companies”

  1. Ah yes. Our insurers refused to insure our garage after a series of minor break ins. They increased the premium 25% anyway though because of the ‘increased risk’ (from something they weren’t covering?). Got to love them, they fix the system so they always win.

  2. Try the NFU I have my Double cab insured with them and it only costs me about 280 per year fully comp.

    • NFU quoted us almost 50% more last time we checked, while their farm insurance was almost double the cost of the policy we bought from another insurer.

      On the farm side, they also wanted us to shift our car, building and contents insurance to them as well.

  3. I’d also recommend the NFU (I have no connection with them at all). They’ve insured our vehicles and home stuff very reasonably for many years and they’re so easy to deal with if you have to claim, very laid back and understand you can’t get several tradesmen to quote for repairs in rural areas. Nice to deal with a real local office too, where they remember you.

  4. I have never had anything but an extortionate quote from the NFU. I now go through my local broker for everything – and as seems to work for small rural communities, his livelihood depends on good service and personal recommendation….DirectLine are now a dim and distant memory.

  5. Shuddering at the name direct line and animal insurance in the same article just need more holy water and a few rosary bead’s here to complete my protection spell.

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