Eek, a rural address!

Yes, another company’s database has been set up in such a way that it rejects rural addresses that lack street names.

While the Other Half was on the line to Experian trying to sort out their problems with our address yet again, I was on the computer trying to put an ad in Autotrader to sell our old Land Rover.

All went well until I hit the payment fields, which would only accept credit or debit card details if a street name was provided.

Our official address does not include a street name as we live on a rural road with no name.

So, my payment was rejected.

I telephoned Autotrader, where a callhandler informed me we should have a street name as part of our Post Office official address.

No, I explained, our official address does not have a street name and if he checked with the Post Office database he would quickly learn that was the case.

In the end, he put our croft name in twice, which meant the payment was accepted but will cause more conniptions in the various credit systems as our name won’t match with many of the other weird and wonderful combinations floating about the electronic swamp.

When will companies actually come up with databases that can handle addresses without street names and that actually interface, field by field, with the data held on the Post Office, Electorial Office and Land Registry databases?

Probably never.

9 Responses to “Eek, a rural address!”

  1. We’re both infuriated and exhausted after spending almost three hours—on a sunny day—trying to get call handlers to find a way through their company’s labyrinthian computer systems, only to find that nothing will be done.

    The Experian call handler told the OH his company now used an US computer system that can’t handle UK rural addresses, that the situation is not going to change, and we’re not going to be able to get our details corrected online. He claimed the various internal bank systems should be able to get the details from Experian now—but we’re not holding our breath.

    Especially when he’d just told me that his company’s computers didn’t have records of the letters that I was holding with Experian’s letterhead on them, but it did have records of an application that I had not made!

    • Hi

      Not just rural addresses. I live in on the edge of Manchester in a small hamlet called Jubilee. If a company uses the post code database from the post office then no problem. My local council however refuses to accept us without a road name!!

      It is doubly confusing because there is a Jubilee Street in the same town we live, courier firm always phone me from there.

  2. mummys little angel Reply 7 April, 2009 at 19:31

    Have you not realised yet that we all have to live in the large towns. along large streets and never venture out into the wilds?

    Put my post code into the system and 6 addresses come up all with names that can be said so the operator just take the first address which is quarter or a mile away.

  3. we have trouble all the time with our phone number.. apparantly its shorter than it should be.. well I live in a rural area.. often that means a short number.. but over and over I get told it has to be longer.. and computer systems just wont accept it.. very tiring..

  4. These computers actually don’t even deal properly with city addresses. As we live in the city of Nottingham our address is not Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, it is just Nottingham. However most systems are not geared for us not to put a county in. Equally some of them will not permit us to enter the name of our suburb within the city, which is important to avoid stray mail. THese sustems are plain ridiculous.

  5. WE are the very first address to have had our postcode allocated..

    but since then there has been a barn conversion and a couple of new builds and so we are now one of 16 addresses sharing the same postcode. We DO NOT have a street name, either…

    and yes we have often big issues with mail order or ins companies not accepting our address..

    Grrr it is SO frustrating and I share your annoyance Stoney

  6. I bet companies know your address when they want to send you a bill lol

  7. Little Britain rides again…. Computer says ‘NO’

    We have slight problems of a different sort because West Glamorgan no longer exists and Swansea is a ‘City & County’…. try explaining that to a computer set up by chimps!

  8. Our official PO address doesn’t include the hamlet name. So if a website demands a street name I put that in.
    Unfortunately, that confuses the couriers as their GPSs pick up the very similar street name about a mile away…

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