Archive | 12 February, 2009


The cold spell still has us firmly in it’s grip, with more snow falling every day. I have to go out with the shovel at least twice a day to maintain the paths and keep areas cleared for the pigs and poultry. I could stamp out paths each time I do the chores, but it’s […]

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Mmmmm, spare ribs!

There are certain meals that send the boys into an ecstatic trance of happy munching. Tonight, it was pork spare ribs with spicy sauce on a bed of mashed potato. I marinate the ribs for at least eight hours, then roast them in the oven for an hour, basting them frequently. Once the roasting is […]

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There’s nothing like a good drink…

You’d think the Virtual Pigs were dying of thirst, but they’re not. I keep their trough, and those of the other pigs, clear of ice by clearing it out every few hours. But while there is water available, it’s a little too cold for their refined tastes—especially when there is an alternative available.

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