Berkshire weaners for sale

Five of the litter of 12 Berkshire weaners

We have a litter of 12 Berkshire weaner pigs for sale. They’re 10 weeks old, birth-notified (ie from pedigree sire and dam) and ready to go now. The litter was weaned at eight weeks, will be wormed before collection and are electric fence trained. (And yes, this photo was taken during Britain’s alleged ‘Big Freeze’.)

Hoping for dinner

Yes, they’re hoping for dinner! The Berkshires are a robust pig and well suited to the outdoor life in northern Scotland. They have excellent temperaments and are ready for slaughter between 24 and 28 weeks (liveweight 60-80kg). A £20, non-refundable deposit per order is required and payment in full must clear before collection. Any pigs not collected by the set collection date will be sold to other buyers and no refunds given. Potential buyers can us our contact form to get in touch.

10 Responses to “Berkshire weaners for sale”

  1. Six boars definitely sold, plus two reserved for us.

    Three gilts and one boar remaining to be sold.

  2. Hi Dennis, I came across your advert for piglet in my local Scot-Ads and a quick search of the keywords brought me to this site! I live down in Blairgowrie. My girlfriend and I are hoping to conclude the purchase of our farmhouse (which we’ve lived in the last four years) in the next six weeks. Once we’ve managed that, the stage 2 is buying two acres of land next to the house from the local farmer. Stage 3 will be fencing and moving her horse over here. Stage 4 will then hopefully be 2 weaners from you and a few more chickens to add to the current flock.

    Great site, keep up the good work, and I hope to be in touch in the future to buy a pair of weaners!

    Best wishes for 2009!

  3. A gilt has now sold. There are two gilts and a boar remaining.

  4. John, you’d be quite welcome to come up and have a look at the pigs in advance. (No obligation. We’re happy to show people around)

    And if Mummy’s Little Angel, who comments on here and lives in Blairgowrie herself, says anything about me—don’t believe a word she says! She’s almost as bonkers as me… :D

  5. mummys little angel Reply 11 January, 2009 at 22:27

    Oiy are you casting aspersions on my sanity?

    I am not bonkers, just a ‘little’ eccentric.

    Just wait till I see him next!

    Not quite in Blairgowrie, but nearer Coupar. I can give you all ‘dirt’!

  6. Thanks for that!! I’ve heard from some sites that certain breeds are more human friendly than others, and that some dig more than others…?? Is this true, and if so how do the Berkshires fair??

    As i said we don’t yet have any land, but hopefully we’ll resolve that once the house is bought in March! Then i’m hoping for a pair of pigs, more chickens, my girlfriends horse moved down, then maybe a lion, zebra, giraffe? okay maybe i’m getting ahead of myself! But you get the picture!!

    Thanks for the invite…. I will speak to the other half and see what she says…. i’m still trying to convince her on pigs….. she doesn’t think she could eat them! Seeing them in the flesh might help!


  7. We have five weaners left—three boars and two gilts. Ideally, we’d like to shift the three boars as we only need to fatten two for ourselves. However, we might sell the gilts and/or one boar.

    As usual, use the contact form to get in touch.

  8. All sold. We have a sow due to farrow any day now, so the next batch of weaners should be ready in early April—all being well!

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