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More ‘customer’ hassles

As I’ve mentioned before, we often find ourselves let down by “customers” who always plead special circumstances that are unique to them and apparently justify their leaving us in the lurch. The croft is bulging at the seams with pigs thanks to the legacy of more than a dozen customers who’ve reneged on their word […]

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I come from a long line of…

I’ve written about Doric and I’ve written about call centres, so here’s Douglas Kynoch putting them together…

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Who’s been down our chimney?

Wow! The Wee ‘Un sent a letter to Father Christmas asking for an electric train and a “Super Teddy”, while the Big Lad asked for a chess set and chess book. To their delight, that’s exactly what came down the chimney last night. Oh, and their stockings were filled with toy frogs and lizards, a […]

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Daisy suffers a gashed jowl

When adult pigs are in together, they inevitably suffer injuries from tooth, tusk and trotter. This morning, it was Daisy’s turn to be on the receiving end. She’s in with Graham, our senior Berkshire boar, and at some time during the night she suffered a bad gash high along her left jowl.

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