Why waste our time?

I’ve had yet another phone call from someone who says they want a pair of weaner pigs and “I’ll pay no more than £20 each”.

I told him no, they’re £60 each at 10 weeks old as they cost only slightly less than that to produce.

His reply?

“Well, I’m only paying £20 each so if you want shot of them, you’ll take it.”

I hung up.

Why do people waste our time with this sort of crap?

7 Responses to “Why waste our time?”

  1. Grumpy fella! Don’t blame you for hanging up.

  2. Because they are idiots?

  3. ill give you a fiver mate

    last offer

  4. Wow…there seems to be some re-education in, not only civilized behaviour, but also what food SHOULD cost. Wow.

  5. wonder if they try that in the supermarket? suspect not.

  6. I’ve just had another couple. One pointed out that people are advertising pigs “free to a good home” in the local free ads paper and so our prices are way too steep. I told him to go and get his free pig.

    The other left a message so I called him back. He’s kept pigs before, knows how much they cost to produce, but still expected to pay around £20.

    So, what do other Berkshire breeders charge if we’re so unreasonable and unrealistic?

    Brompton Flock in North Yorkshire ask £75 for 12-week-old weaners.

    A breeder in Warwickshire asks £60 at eight weeks, and Elaine down in Duns, who we bought our board from, was asking £80 the last I heard.

  7. How rude. I wonder if he’d do the same with a piece of pork at Tesco.

    ‘You want £2.99 for these chops, but I’m only giving your £1.50 – take it or leave it.’

    I think not.

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