Squeezing in more baking

Often, when I mention that I’ve done some baking, people tell me that they’d love to do some themselves but time doesn’t permit. Well, I beg to differ and tonight was an example that proved my point. The Other Half had just left to take the Big Lad to Cubs, the Wee ‘Un was settled on the computer, the pasta sauce was cooking down nicely, the sink was clear, the washing was on and I had 20 minutes to kill before dinner. What better opportunity to make a batch of fruit scones for morning team tomorrow? By the time the OH returned home and dinner was served, we had 15 fresh scones ready to come out of the oven. It’s amazing how much can be fitted into a “spare” 20 minutes.

6 Responses to “Squeezing in more baking”

  1. What’s with all the competitive speed baking? Is it going to become a new Olympic sport?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement; I’ve been telling myself that very thing, that I wish I could bake but I don’t have time. Maybe I’ll try to squeeze it in, since you point out, it really should only take an extra 20 min. Storebought baked goods are soooo expensive!

  3. Hi Stonehead,

    Indeed it’s well possible to bake in spare time. However, if you haven’t baked a scone in your life you’d spend over an hour doing what you did in 20 mins. Find a recipe, locate ingredients, oh… preheat the oven, etc. And then the results may be disappointing, because the recipe might not have been entirely to your taste or you don’t know the exact cooking time in your oven. If you often bake you’ll have tweaked your recipe, be able to blindly find the ingredients and start by heating the oven so that it’s ready when your ingredients are mixed and know exactly when they are done so you get consistent results.

    Practice makes perfect :-)

    I practice… needless to say. But scones aren’t on my repertoire (yet).


  4. Rural Idler, it’s just the way we do things. There’s so much to do around the croft and the house, with the boys, with the Other Half, with the blog, that I’ve become very adept at finding moments in which to squeeze one more thing. I’m not saying that people should try to match that, but I do think many people could fit in a little more of the things that matter to them.

    Michelle, start with a couple of simple recipes when you have more time to spare. Keep your ingredients and implements in the same place and, as Jandra says, practise and fine tune your core recipes. As you trim the time down, you’ll be able to fit the baking in at opportune moments as they come along. You’ll also be able to expand your repertoire.

    Jandra, no reply needed! :D

  5. Hi, I think it’s lovely to find more time in our days to do more baking instead of instantly heading for the local shop to pick up some biscuits. The more we make a few things, the more we improve and before you know it, you’re making up your own recipes. I think the trick is to not be afraid of ‘creating in the kitchen’. Love your blog!


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