10 Rubbish Blogs

Yes, that’s right—10 rubbish blogs for my monthly, themed list of favourite blogs.

Except that they’re not rubbish, but blogs about rubbish and reducing the amount of it that we produce.

  1. Fake Plastic Fish
  2. 365 Days of Trash
  3. My Zero Waste
  4. Junk
  5. The Rubbish Diet
  6. Everyday Trash
  7. Last Night’s Garbage
  8. Olympia Dumpster Divers
  9. Say No to Trash
  10. Waste Wear Daily

3 Responses to “10 Rubbish Blogs”

  1. Hi Stonehead – thanks very much for the mention. It’s much appreciated. Hope you’ve managed to finish reseeding your pigpen. That soil looks much better quality than the stuff in my back garden.

  2. Hi :)

    Many thanks for me as well for the mention. It’s lovely to hear of people spreading the word about waste. I was just drooling over your lovely photos of the bread and cookies you made and found myself totally agreeing with the ‘why buy from a supermarket when you can make your own’ mentality.

    I’m hoping you have sunshine now after all the rain!

    Mrs G x

  3. We’ve had another three days of rain, but there’s a blood-red sun shining through the mist this morning so I’m hopeful we’ll have a dry day. However, the ground is now so waterlogged that it will take at least a fortnight of dry days to get it back to being reasonably firm—and that’s not going to happen at this time of year. I think we’re going to have boggy conditions up until the winter freeze.

    Anyway, I’ve more comments to respond to but it was nice to hear from a newcomer to the blog. And here are some more of my musings that are tagged rubbish.

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