A timely decision

A few weeks ago we decided to switch from Scottish Hydro Electric as our electricity supplier to Eon in order to get a fixed price tariff for the next 16 months.

We’d prefer to be with an energy supplier that sourced most or all of its electricity from renewable sources, but the price differential is such that, as energy prices have risen across the board, “green” electricity moved beyond our reach some time ago.

Scottish Hydro was the next best thing, part of a major energy company (Scottish and Southern Energy) but giving us access to electricity sourced mainly from hydro-electric.

But when Scottish Hydro’s tariff rose to the extent that we’d go from paying £50 a month to £80—despite using the same amount of electricity—we decided that with further price rises in the pipeline it would be better to go for a tariff that was fixed for as long as possible.

Eon was offering a tariff fixed for 16 months, so we opted for that and officially changed supplier last Friday.

It’s now proven to be a timely decision as EDF is the first of the major energy companies to put its prices up again, with gas prices going up by 22 per cent and electricity by 17 per cent.

Other companies are likely to follow suit.

It looks like we moved to a fixed tariff just in time.

4 Responses to “A timely decision”

  1. You appear to have timed it right.
    See this link to Martins Money mail today:
    http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/you-switch-gas-electricity#time I hope quoting this doesn’t banish be to the waste bin?

    [Edited to provide working link.]

  2. i read the same item from ‘martin’s money mail’ and did the switch over to eon. this was completed last wednesday and runs till oct 2009. dread to think what the utilities will be costing then. should we start on stockpiling candles????

  3. First of all, let me say I’m loving your blog – very inspiring.

    But 50 quid a month at 8p per kWh? That’s almost 7000kWh a year! Do you know where all the electricity is going?

    I gave my family a target of 1000kWh per year per person – and through careful monitoring we just about manage to stay under. Do you guys have a target consumption you try to stay under?


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