Archive | 2 July, 2008

Gain a little…

One thing is certain about crofting, and indeed farming.  Every time you find yourself inching ahead, you know you’re about to get booted back to your starting point—or beyond. Today provided ample proof of that maxim.

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Tools that let you down

It used to be that you could rely on Stanley hand tools to stand up to a lot of use and give good service for years. Not any more. I’ve had Stanley saws that couldn’t cut straight (poorly aligned teeth), Stanley tape measures that pulled apart after a couple of months, Stanley chisels with plastic […]

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The Big Lad volunteered to help untangle the bird netting that I’d removed from the brassica beds after the majority of the remaining kale and broccoli had flowered. But when I came back to check how the Big Lad was going 10 minutes later, I found the netting still tangled in a heap on his […]

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